Immediate and Long-term Benefits of Kitchen Improvement

One of the biggest advantages of kitchen improvement is it adds value to your property, both selling and renting. Kitchens (and bathrooms) are two main areas for which prospective buyers/renters are willing to pay a premium. They see modern kitchen appliances and attractive cabinets, worktops, flooring and tile work and say, “yes!” to the extra .

We are pleased to offer you our full complement of kitchen improvement services. We are experts at designing and installing kitchens throughout Dunmow and Essex. We have experience with a variety of residence types including flats, apartments, houses and bungalows.

For some home owners, a dream kitchen is big enough to fit their family – plus hungry guests. But creating a great kitchen does not always mean knocking down walls and making the kitchen space bigger. This being Dunmow, Essex, it’s equally important to be able to modernise your kitchen within the existing space – which we consider a prime kitchen design challenge.

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When it comes to producing in the kitchen, too many cooks can be problematic. But designing a productive, positive cooking/entertainment environment is like catering a state banquet. It requires breadth of both vision and execution. 

The good news: it costs nothing to explore your kitchen options with an expert. Contact us for your complimentary full kitchen review. Our kitchen design specialist will make your kitchen space work better for you, while improving your property’s value.

Kitchen Fitting, Refurbishment, Installation?
Kitchens come in different sizes and shapes, as do kitchen improvement projects. Our kitchen specialist will guide you through the decisions to create a unique kitchen within your established budget. Options include:

• New configuration of kitchen elements (architectural changes to enhance workflow)
• Stove/range
• Oven
• Venting/Hood
• Refrigerator
• Freezer
• Sink(s)
• Island
• Eating bar
• Cabinets (fitted or custom)
• Worktops
• Flooring
• Lighting
• Tiling
• Accessories

Complete Kitchen Fitting
Our dedicated kitchen fitter is here to help you plan and install your dream kitchen. We can supply and fit or we can advise you where to buy and we fit your purchased kitchen. We provide all of the services associated with kitchen fitting, refurbishment and installation, including:

• Planning/design
• Demolition, removal and disposal 
• Plumbing
• Electrical (STROMA registered electricians)
• Carpentry
• Tiling 
• Flooring
• Complete installation services
• Consultation to assure that your selected appliances take advantage of today’s energy-saving technologies 

Guaranteed Satisfaction
All kitchen work comes fully insured against accidents or damage. Materials and workmanship are both guaranteed by our one year. guarantee.

Deliciously decorated gathering places

Want to be a better cook? Start with a better kitchen! You’ll naturally feel more inspired in a kitchen where the ingredients you need are within easy reach, the appliances are updated and add to the room’s ambiance, and the décor isn’t drab or outdated.